Gas Safety

As a landlord you will be aware of how important tenant safety is. The 1998 Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations place legal duties on Landlords dealing with rented properties. A gas safety inspection is required annually for any properties with gas.

The inspection ensures safety of the following areas: any gas appliances, gas pipework, flueing and ventilation. It is important to remember that this is not to be classed as an annual service which the gas industry recommend on all gas appliances annually. It’s a common misconception that the two are the same however servicing does not check for gas leaks from the gas meter to the appliance and certain other aspects.

A certificate is issued and states the condition and safety of all appliances with any action required.

This certificate will be provided in duplicate. One copy is to be given to new tenants at the start of a tenancy or within 28 days of an inspection if there is an existing tenant. The remaining copy is retained by the landlord and or managing agent.